I have been taking my vehicles to Murph for just under a year – and am glad to say that he is hands down the most honest, competent and friendly mechanic I have ever worked with.  Recently I needed to have my  A/C system repaired, it seemed to not hold a charge.   Dropped it off early on Saturday morning, then got a call around 1PM.   Murph told me there were no leaks, and that in all likelihood the last time it was charged it had been done with improper equipment to a pressure level higher than what was specified by the manufacturer, which would cause the charge to leak and fail.   He recharged it properly according to manufacturer spec and it seems to work fine – and he didn’t charge me for it!   In addition he fixed one of my windshield wipers which was not workin correctly, n/c for that either.   Bottom line is that Murph takes the long view – he knows that if he treats his customers right they will be back – and they will refer others, so he will make his money back in the long run and over time.

Lets face it, finding a competent, reliable mechanic you can trust is difficult.   Murph is all that and more.  Look no further – the Car Zone is your best bet for maintenance and repair in the Kendall/East Cambridge area.

(Ben G., Cambridge MA – link to original review on Yelp!)